Need It On ASAP?

A standard order for electricity service takes 3 or more business days.  HOWEVER, if you need your electricity on AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, just let us know.

Call us and say “I’d like to EXPEDITE my order for electricity service,” and we’ll walk your request through the system from start to finish.



How fast will the EXPEDITE request get my electricity on?

An expedite for service can have your service on the same day (if your order is submitted early enough in that day).

If your order is submitted towards the end of the day, an expedite will have your utilities service connected the following day.


Some Providers will NOT perform an EXPEDITE for you. We will.

Not all electricity providers will fulfill a request for an EXPEDITE.  This is a ‘manual transaction’ therefore many companies do not want to take the time to do this for you.

WE WILL.   Call 888-460-4521

How much does an EXPEDITE for service cost?

In some areas of Texas, the expedite fees are minimal.  In other areas, somewhat more.  Refer to the image below: (call us for determination of your territory if unknown)

Remember, you will have, at the least, a “Standard Move-In Fee” with Existing Meter.  This will be due on your first invoice.  The EXPEDITE is typically $3 to  $20 more than the standard.

Texas Electricity Move In Fees
Move-in Fees across Texas


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